Monday, December 13, 2010

In the Arms of Mr Darcy -- Krista's Guest Review

Hi folks! Once again my friend Krista has written a wonderful review! She shares a bit in my Darcy obsessions so here it goes!!

"In the Arms of Mr Darcy" - By Sharon Lathan

Delightful. That word runs through my mind every time I pick up a book in this series by Sharon Lathan. In this 4th outing, it felt a lot like just spending some time with the Darcy family and their friends/relatives. Not a lot of high stakes drama --- just some pleasant time with them for the most part. I loved the way Ms. Lathan treated the blossoming of Georgiana and Kitty. I've always wanted to learn more about Colonel Fitzwilliam and hoped for a good match for him. I actually would have liked some more time on his story. I see the 5th book in the series will up the excitement factor and feature the return of Wickham! Bring it on.

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