Sunday, November 28, 2010

Have Yourself A Darcy Christmas!

Seeing as how I love all things Darcy, I could not wait to read this!!!! 
Curled up under the covers on a cold, gray and windy day, I started with one of my favorite soundtracks (Pride & and Prejudice....Jean-Yves Thibaduet) and my new Darcy Christmas book.....sigh.....I am so glad I decided not to wait until it was closer to Christmas. As I started the first story "Mr Darcy's Christmas Carol" by Carolyn Eberhart, I was hooked!!!! I have always loved the B&W version of A Christmas Carol (with Alastair Sim) and in the place of Ebeneezer I put the handsome and dashing Mr. Darcy and went on the midnight journey with him.....a very cozy entertaining look at one of literature's most beloved characters with a Christmas twist!
After a quick break and a freshly poured cup of hot coffee I was once again enraptured with the Darcy's. Amanda Grange pours me into the world of the Darcy's and Bingleys in the second story "Christmas Present". We get a charming little look into the lives of our Pride & Prejudice characters as they all celebrate Christmas together with the Bingley family. To end the story with a tiny Darcy bundle was wonderful!
Settling in further, well into the evening now, I enter the breathless world of my favorite couple with Sharon Lathan's "A Darcy Christmas" I traveled from Christmas to Christmas with these two passionate lovers, I looked into the world of the Darcy's with breathlessness.....tears.....happiness.....and all around satisfaction. I loved how Miss Lathan took us across the years with the Darcy's and looking at their Holidays spent with one another and how they grew as a couple and a family. 
Much applause to these three wonderful authors for creating such a wonderful book! I believe Miss Austen would have loved this! 
I have now officially added this book to my books that I read every holiday season....A new tradition is born....Thank you ladies!

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  1. Thank you, Mechelle! I am very happy you enjoyed our holiday homage to Jane Austen and I greatly appreciate the review. I will be sharing this with everyone.

    Sincerely, Sharon Lathan